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 Part 1: Behold The Warriors
By Angela Lang

Lost Horizon isn't just a band and their Koch Records debut Awakening The World isn't just a record. From the chilling depths of Gothenburg, Sweden (which the band willfully describes as the "epicenter of misery, melancholy and trivial emptiness") fearlessly charge these true metal warriors to awaken the world with a painstakingly planned and brilliantly executed album that harkens back to the glory days of True Metal circa Judas Priest.

These mythic gods have assumed the earth shapes of Wojtek Lisicki (poesy of spiritual enlightenment / the entire string romanticism / soul healing euphoria generators), Martin Furängen (orchestrator of thunder and seismic harmonizing), Christian Nyquist (keeper of the Universe's pulse and tamer of Chaos) and Daniel Heiman (laments of the souls and primal victorious warrior cries), but that's Transcendental Protagonist, Cosmic Antagonist, Preternatural Transmogrifyer and Ethereal Magnanimus to you. 

Judiciously wielding glinting swords to scream for vengeance over shredding guitars, galloping drums, blazing bass and grandiose keyboards, Lost Horizon is the Metal Philharmonic with awesomely operatic vocals. How the strapping brute Ethereal Magnanimus can hit and hold those glass-shattering high notes with (presumably) all body parts intact is a conundrum to contemplate as he leads the charge through "Heart Of Storm," "Sworn In The Metal Wind," "The Song Of Air" and the remainder of Lost Horizon's procreated and sonically documented quest "to help [the world] find the voice of [its] inner self, which by help of the Force will bring the awakening."

While the Preternatural Transmorgrifyer didn't absolve the mystery of those high notes, he did stride down 13th Street with weapon in hand.

  Part 2: The Crossing Of Swords
  Part 3: Heed The Message, Help The Fight
  Part 4: The Magic's In The Metal

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