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01: Transdimensional Revelation 2:14
02: Pure 6:25
03: Lost In The Depths Of Me 8:45
04: Again Will The Fire Burn 4:08
05: The Song Of Earth 1:20
06: Cry Of a Restless Soul 8:22
07: Think Not Forever 5:58
08: Highlander (The One) 11:56
09: Deliverance 3:27

Label: Music For Nations Year: 2003

All material recorded, mixed and mastered
in Meta4Music Studio

Produced and arranged by Wojtek Lisicki

Pro Tools recording and editing by Wojtek Lisicki, Christian Nyquist, Martin Furängen and Emil Örtenmark

Recording organised and engineered by Baskin Zuta

Mixed and mastered by Tobias Lindell and Baskin Zuta

All songs, arrangements and lyrics are procreated and revealed to this world by Wojtek Lisicki, except "Think Not Forever" – music: Martin Furängen/Wojtek Lisicki, lyrics: Martin Furängen; "The Song Of Earth" -  music: Christian Nyquist and specified solos on "Pure" / "Lost In the Depths OF Me" / "Cry Of A Restless Soul" by Fredrik Olsson

All titles published by Meta4Music Publishing 

Artwork and layout ideas by Lost Horizon and Mattias Norén

Lost Horizon logo designed by Martin Furängen

Artwork and computer graphics realisation by Mattias Norén

The absolute photo on booklet centrefold taken by Iwona Wadolowska

Photos by Daniel Pedersen

Ritual warrior paintings by Lost Horizon!!!

Typesetting by Martin Furängen

Band administration by Martin Furängen

Executive production by Baskim Zuta and Martin Furängen

All the above took place under less miserable circunstances than last time, which we thank our maturity and personal development for, and especially Baskin Zuta for shielding us off from all the life-force-stealing issues of technical character.

Material composed from January through April and constructed from May through July 2002, once again in the epicentre of immense misery, melancholy, trivial emptiness and eee-veeer-laaas-tiiing boringness - Gothenburg, Sweden.

We dedicate the song "Highlander (The One)" to the beauty of the Highlands, the movie Highlander and symbolically as a tribute to our former, virgin shape - Highlander.

Something ultimately Metal to be acknowledged: the above mentioned song was mixed as the last one, during the thunderstorm of the decade (Thursday, August 1st, 2002) - directly above the studio - which really isn't surprising at all regarding the pertinent magical content of the song. Baptised in the storm truly it is!